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Edible fungus intelligent, automated production, authors effect and income

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Edible fungus intelligent, automated production, authors effect and income

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[China food machinery and equipment network] in recent years, China's edible fungus industry has been rapid development, which should be attributed to local policies to encourage support, but also benefit from modern high standards, automation, intelligent edible fungus greenhouses. Nowadays, many edible fungus processing factories attach great importance to intelligent and mechanized production, which also promotes the transformation of China's edible fungus industry from small-scale, high-cost, low-benefit and decentralized production to intensive and mechanized production.

One. intelligent mushroom factory improves quality and efficiency:

It is reported that in the modern agriculture demonstration park, the mushroom factory workshop USES the intelligent chemical control temperature control humidity, has provided the ideal growth environment for the white jade crab flavor mushroom. The substrate for growing mushrooms is made from the field wastes such as straw, corn cob, bran, rice bran and wood chips, which is also an embodiment of "turning waste into treasure". Then after above 100 ℃ high temperature sterilization, and cooling to 16 ℃ or so after we put strains.

According to the relevant personnel, compared with the cultivation method of edible fungi before, mushroom factory workshop adopts a large number of mechanization and intelligent technology, which not only reduces a large number of labor, reduces labor costs, but also greatly improves the production efficiency. In addition, the raw material warehouse, mushroom producing workshop, sterilization room, packaging workshop and other workshops are connected and transmitted by conveyor belt to achieve closed control and reduce the influence of excessive manual operation and other external environment interference on the growth of edible fungi.

Two. Intelligent production meets the growth requirements of embroidered coccus:

As we have learned, in fujian certain enterprise big bacterium room, the special strain with similar tremella -- embroider coccus realized intelligence to produce. Embroider coccus is scarce because of resource and extremely precious, at the same time rich in nutrition, because have super-high activation immunity ability, often be called in abroad "dream magical mushroom", market development potential is big. But it is very delicate, the artificial cultivation requirements are very high, difficult, light, temperature, gas, water and other conditions can not have a careless.

According to the introduction of staff member in big fungus room, embroider coccus is the breed of new generation embroider coccus that introduces abroad, cultivate a process to use advanced technology to realize intelligence more. From the potato cleaning, breaking, stirring, and then to the temperature, humidity, disinfection, air purification, etc. in the bacteria room are automatically controlled by the computer, basically realized automation, mechanization, standardized production.

Three. Full-automatic production of liquid bacteria to reduce costs and improve efficiency:

In Beijing, some construction projects of edible fungus processing plants have been completed. At present, the main task is to complete equipment installation. It is expected that the fungus sticks will be put into production soon. In order to further reduce production costs and improve economic benefits, the edible fungus factory project introduced the current domestic advanced automatic production line of liquid bacteria species. Relevant personage says, the raw material of this project is the miscellaneous wood that gives priority to with bush, through grinding, treatment, irrigation bag, autoclaves sterilization, cooling wait for a process, can enter bacteria room workshop to undertake bacterial culture. The annual production capacity of the project is up to millions of bags, which can fully meet the regional demand for fungus bags.

Four. Introduction of mechanized equipment to improve fungicide yield:

In order to further improve the production level of edible fungi and solve the insufficiency brought by the development mode of manual cultivation of edible fungi, luyang county, hanzhong city, Shanxi Province, has tried its best to introduce mechanized equipment and distribute it to farmers free of charge to overcome the current situation of large human investment, reduce the income of mushroom farmers and support the development of mushroom farmers. We have learned that many farmers have obtained the complete set of production equipment of edible fungi for free to reduce the labor cost of edible fungi production and increase the income of mushroom farmers. In addition, through classified packaging, deep processing and other ways, increase the strength of edible fungus product packaging, so that the added value of edible fungus products and market competitiveness has been comprehensively improved.

At present, on the whole, the development of domestic edible fungi is in the transition stage of basically scattered production, small scale, poor conditions and low efficiency. Edible fungi production enterprises want to become stronger and bigger, and improve market competitiveness. Industrialization, automation, intelligence and factory are the inevitable trend of future edible fungi development. Facts have proved that the construction of edible fungus intelligent factory and automatic production has become the successful model of China's agricultural modernization factory production.

In a word, the intelligent production of edible fungi not only promotes the development and growth of the edible fungus industry, but also directly brings economic benefits to the vast majority of poor farmers by giving full play to the advantages of edible fungi cultivation, so that the masses can get rich and shake off poverty.

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