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Express bird alliance shang pai launched logistics information solutions

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Express bird alliance shang pai launched logistics information solutions

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It is reported that express bird has reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation with shopex ERP to integrate the advantages of both parties in the field of logistics information management and the backstage processing of e-commerce orders, so as to provide e-commerce customers with a more efficient, information-based and humanized e-commerce practice environment. E-commerce customers can conduct express query, in-transit tracking management, and find problem parts in advance directly through the ERP system, so as to effectively improve user experience.

Express bird is the express data service API of shenzhen kuaijin data co., LTD., which integrates and connects information with more than 400 express companies at home and abroad, and helps merchants to complete price comparison and track query of multiple express within the station. Shopex ERP is the e-commerce back-end management software under the leading brand of e-commerce software in China (Shopex). Relying on more than 10 years of e-commerce experience and technical strength, Shopex ERP has been steadily connected with domestic e-commerce platforms, and the orders of all platforms in the network are uniformly managed by Shopex ERP in the form of cloud ordering.

Ji sanyong, vice-president of shopex, said: "this cooperation is a technical strategic cooperation, which completes the two-way integration of logistics information and platform order information, brings a more efficient operation environment for e-commerce enterprises, and is a practical case of e-commerce ecosphere's close cooperation and joint promotion of e-commerce development. Shopex will continue to carry out similar diversified cooperation projects to integrate more excellent resources and technologies in the industry and better serve our customers.

Fast gold data Li Yonghu, general manager, said: "at present ERP industry more than 50% of the electricity users include business, E store treasure, tube Yi Yun, another city, and so on are express Courier interface service provided by the bird, also express the bird and sent to financial services, together with payment set, the user can through the business platform directly using the fast financial services for the data."

At present, the development of domestic e-commerce enterprises are facing one of the important bottlenecks: logistics management. For example, jingdong, yixun, suning, gome and other companies have elevated the "self-established logistics system" to the level of enterprise development strategy in order to further improve, optimize the user experience and enhance the value of their own brands. However, small and medium-sized e-commerce enterprises and individuals, such as taobao sellers, lack the ability to build their own logistics, so they must rely on third-party logistics in the development of e-commerce.

As a result, e-commerce enterprises have no way to obtain logistics track information and show order logistics information to users, which leads to the decline of user experience. It needs to connect ports with express companies one by one, which is time-consuming, laborious and costly. Some users are too lazy to check the express delivery, so they habitually ask the customer service directly for help. As a result, the customer service often opens multiple channels for inquiry, which leads to a busy schedule and a lot of wasted time.

The express bird express inquiry interface can provide one-stop express data service for e-commerce platform, e-commerce ERP system and warehouse system.

In this strategic cooperation, merchants' omni-channel order information and logistics information can all be tracked and inquired through shopex ERP system, and customer service efficiency will be further improved.

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