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Sensor growth of more than 15% Chinas market opportunities

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Sensor growth of more than 15% Chinas market opportunities

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As a class of electronic components widely used in modern electronic equipment, the annual growth rate of sensors exceeds 15 years, and the output value is expected to reach 120 billion yuan after 5 years. In 2013, equipment and system-related enterprises around the world want to build a "Trillion Sensors Universe" that USES 1 Trillion Sensors every year. The market for sensors in China has continued to grow in recent years, growing by more than 15 percent.

China's industrial modernization and electronic information industry with more than 20 percent of the speed of continuous high-speed growth, led to the rapid rise of the sensor market. In recent years, the application of sensors in medical, environmental protection, meteorological and other special electronic equipment is also growing rapidly, the use of sensors accounted for about 15% of the market share. The large demand for sensors in the above-mentioned industries provides a good development opportunity for the local sensor industry.

In the next five years, the average sales growth rate of the domestic sensor market will reach 31%. The rapid growth of local sensor demand is mainly driven by industrial electronic equipment and automotive electronics, communication electronics, consumer electronics and specialized electronic equipment. Industrial electronic equipment and automotive electronics are the fastest growing industries in the electronic information industry, and are also the areas where sensors are most widely used, such as measuring various process variables, electronic properties and physical quantities, as well as traditional motion/positioning.

Despite the high market demand and rapid development of sensors in China, there are still some problems such as low technical level, lack of varieties and poor research and development ability. At present, there are 1688 enterprises and institutions engaged in the research, production and application of sensors in China, but only more than 50 enterprises are engaged in the research and production of MEMS, and the scale and application are small. Not enough large-scale application has been formed, which leads to the problem of low technology but high price of sensors in our country. It has lost its advantage in the international market and made the market competition more fierce.

One. sensors and smart grid:

Nowadays, sensors can be found in the field of smart grid, and smart grid is expected to become the largest user of sensors.

Intelligent sensor is a sensor with information processing function, with a microprocessor, has the ability to collect, process, exchange information, is the product of sensor integration and microprocessor. Smart grid, like many smart systems, is not a single individual, but the product of many devices and technologies. Most of the costs needed to build a smart grid are spent on the terminal power distribution system and the terminal information system of the smart grid in power facilities. A large part of the construction of network security software and hardware will be invested in the sensor network, which directly drives the market of sensors. At the same time, in order to adapt to the construction demand of smart power grid, sensors are also developing towards the direction of intelligence, systematization, networking and digitalization.

Two. The Chinese market will become the main battlefield:

China's sensor market has continued to grow in recent years, growing at a rate of more than 15 percent. In 2012, the four major fields of sensor application in China were industrial control, automotive electronics, communication electronics and consumer electronics, among which industrial and automotive electronics accounted for about 42% of the market share.

According to China's 12th five-year plan for electronic components, 500 billion yuan will be invested during the period, mainly in the research and development and industrialization of new electronic components. These include sensors based on MEMS technology, gas sensors for environmental monitoring equipment, flow sensors, humidity sensors, etc. In addition, the 12th five-year plan on the Internet of things released by the ministry of industry and information technology in February 2012 also mentioned the development of micro and smart sensors and wireless sensor networks in key projects. The next five years will witness the steady and rapid development of China's sensor market. With the sustained annual growth of over 30%, the size of China's sensor market is expected to reach over 120 billion yuan in 2014.

China is the main battlefield in the international battlefield and the development center of the asia-pacific region. To some extent, it also reflects that who can successfully seize the Chinese market means that who can successfully seize the sensor market, and will definitely share the biggest piece of the sensor market.

Three.China's future sensor industry may follow the following three directions:

First, develop original technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights in key service areas such as industrial control, automobile, communication and environmental protection, with sensors, elastic components, optical components and special circuits as key objects.

Second, to increase varieties, improve quality and economic benefits as the main goal, accelerate industrialization, so that the domestic sensor varieties share reached 70%~80%, high-grade products up to 60%.

Thirdly, on the basis of MEMS technology, relying on integrated, intelligent and networking technology, we should strengthen the development of manufacturing technology and new sensor and instrument components, so that the leading products can reach and approach the advanced level of similar foreign products.

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