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Conveyor equipment development trend

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Conveyor equipment development trend

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China is the world's largest producer of conveying equipment and machinery, in recent years, with the continuous improvement of domestic technical level, the speed of development is very fast, in recent years, China's conveying equipment production and sales of high, ranked first in the world. The abundant achievements and broad market prospect of logistics transportation industry will certainly bring new development space to the transportation machinery industry. The modular combination of large capacity, high speed and automatic equipment has become the development trend of conveying equipment, and is also the target pursued by powerful manufacturing countries.

China's transport machinery and equipment production has been decades of history. With the improvement of domestic technology and the introduction of advanced machinery manufacturing equipment and processing technology, transport equipment industry in the past 20 years to the rapid development. In the context of economic globalization, enterprise production specialization and the dissemination of information network technology, will promote the revolutionary development of China's transport machinery industry, but also to transport machinery parts manufacturers have brought good opportunities.

The research and development of transportation machinery in our country is from self-reliance, learn from foreign advanced technology to improve. Since the reform and opening up, the introduction of individual technology has been expanded to the introduction of complete sets of equipment technology, and then through digestion and absorption to achieve domestic production, and then form a series, and began to go around the world. At present, China's transport machinery products key industry categories are basically complete, a variety of varieties, product technology high and low coexist.

New technology, new technology and new equipment in the actual production have been praised by users. On the one hand, the development of complete sets of equipment, some of the leading domestic transport machinery enterprises on the one hand actively develop new belt conveyor, hoist, etc., successfully developed a number of domestic advanced level of logistics transport system foundation pieces, for the development of China's transport machinery industry laid a reliable material and technical foundation. But it should also be noted that domestic and foreign transport machinery and equipment production has formed a variety of forms of competition pattern, but there are many deficiencies in China's transport machinery production. Traditional production equipment, less special process equipment, a large number of transport machinery and equipment rely on imports every year; Transport machinery and equipment innovation and scientific research almost out of line; Lack of organizational technology, product design, manufacturing process and technical force dispersed; The reliability and stability of domestic conveying machinery products are still outstanding. Therefore, to face up to the current situation, solve the problem, in order to promote the benign development of transport machinery and equipment.

Conveying machinery technology is changing with the development of new technology, conveying machinery production must be "should be transported and change". At present, transport machinery and equipment to determine the direction of user-centered development, service for the downstream industry chain. Therefore, the modular design of large capacity, continuous, high speed, automatic mechanical products has become a new trend in the development of transport machinery.

Continuous is to adapt to the characteristics of transport machinery production process, through the gradual development of production improvement. It not only embodies the efficiency and efficiency, but also embodies the reduction of secondary or multiple heating and energy saving, reducing consumption. With the improvement of technology level, the change speed of process performance is constantly improving.

Automation is always the direction of the development of mechanical products, but also the only way to transport mechanical products. Most of the transport machinery products are composed of a logistics transport system, and the organic, electrical, acoustic, optical, instrument with each other. This is true for a single machine as well as a combined machine. Electromechanical integration is a new technology to realize automatic control. Modular transport machinery is the future development of a new feature. The conveyor needs to be combined according to different output parts, supporting equipment also needs to be adjusted according to the output. Many products have common common technology, so consider its universalization, serialization and standardization, especially the standardization of some special parts and components, which can be combined flexibly with the change of product process requirements and output.

The development of conveying machinery and equipment products is based on the technological transformation of manufacturing enterprises. Only with advanced means of manufacturing technology can we provide advanced technical equipment for the users of manufacturing enterprises. The development and production of conveying machinery products should closely follow scientific research projects and keep up with the cutting-edge technology of scientific research, so that the scientific research achievements of conveying machinery can be transformed into productive forces and commodities as soon as possible, and meanwhile form their own scientific research achievements and special technologies, and form industrial production through equipment. Integrated transport machinery technology, integration of scientific research and manufacturing technology, so that the scattered financial resources, technology and manpower can be integrated into one, the best in the selection of the best, optimize the combination, form their own core technology, and finally achieve technological progress, industrial upgrading.

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