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Enterprise competence

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Rigor has successful experience on project preplanning,productmanufacturing,siteinstallation ,system commissioning and after-service in almost 100 projects.

There are several industry experts who have worked on logistics system planning, logistics equipment design and research for 10 years in Rigor company. They will support Rigor to provide customers with best solution and cost-effective logistics equipments.

Rigor company has 50 sets processing unit such as laser cutter, CNC cutting & bending machine, welding robot etc. in 10000 square meters standardized production workshop to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the production.

Rigor company has professional project management team and adopts project manager responsibility system.The project manager is responsible for communication and service in whole process.

DEMAND SURVEY:Understand customer's demand clearly through good communication with customer.

FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS:Analyze customer's demand from a professional perspective to confirm the key to system function and general elements.

PROCESS PLANNING:Plan operation process of system rationally according to material flow rate and direction.

LAYOUT DESIGN:Completedesignand intervald ivision based on the the requirement of function and processing technic in the actual operation.

SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE:Integrate logistics manageme ntdatain toenter prise ERP and other management systems according to need of enterprice management.

EQUIPMENT CONFIGURATION:Supply appropriate and cost-effective logistics devices according to customer's requirements and operation.

Address:No. 518 Huanzhu Road, South Taihu High-tech Industrial Park, Huzhou,Zhejiang 313000,China

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